The advantages of the DEVABOX

  • DevaBox 2Limited drop of 6.5 cm
  • Easy to access and handle
  • Lightweight design
  • Large filter surface
  • Simple and safe maintenance
  • Suitable for all sloping roof surfaces (tiles or slates) and most flat roofs (*)

The purifying effect of the DEVABOX

devaplus devabox zuiverendewerking
The Devabox is installed level and on a stable surface before the rainwater tank. Rainwater enters through the inflow and falls through the meshes into the sand filter. From here the pure water flows to the rainwater tank. The dirt that remains in the filter is washed away by heavy rainfall or when the filter element is removed and washed.


The PP Devabox should be placed completely level on a 100% stable surface. The pipes to and from the rainwater filter should be connected at the right incline. The filter can be elevated using a pipe with a diameter of 400. The filter housing and elevation pipe should
be filled and compressed step by step. Filling and compressing should be carried out using only pure filler sand. The cover on the 400 pipe should have free access from the 310 diameter. The cover should rest
on the surface around the filter and certainly never on the filter case. Ideally, the cover should be placed on a concrete rim, so that loads (from traffic) are not applied to the filter case.
N.B.: the outflow to the rain tank can be turned 180° by also turning the filter mesh 180°.


  • Regular maintenance = high efficiency
  • The PP or stainless-steel filter element should be checked regularly.
  • If dirty, this should be cleaned with warm water and a brush.
  • Each year there are periods (blossom, autumn etc.) during which the filter needs to be checked more regularly. During these periods, thorough cleaning should be carried out often as well as degreasing if necessary.
  • After the first use, all the excess grease from the installation of the pipes also ends up in the filter after the
    first rainfalls.
  • Regular maintenance of roof gutters significantly increases the efficiency of the filter.
  • At the bottom of the filter housing there is a sand catcher; this should be cleaned regularly.

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